iPhone Event Part Deux

This is the sequel to Eventful Yet Not So Much.  The first installment ended slightly on a cliffhanger?  Luckily this part two has a happy ending! 🙂  Happy, but still expensive.

Went from work to the allergist to get my weekly shots so I can function outside of the house and with the future hubby’s kitty cat.  It figured that the minute I park in the parking lot of the doctor’s office that the sky would open up and it would downpour on me.  Had the fun task of driving in the rain (which seems to be one of the many situations where people, and I mean all people, forget how to drive!).  Made it to the mall just in time for my Genius Bar appointment.  Walked in and told the first employee I saw that I have an appointment to get my iPhone fixed.  Sat at a table, and a guy who was much nicer than the employee I dealt with yesterday came over to help me.  I was informed that it would cost me $199 to replace/fix my current phone.  That’s where I had to add “…Well apparently on my Sprint account, I’m eligible for the iPhone 5 for $199… So… That’s probably what I’m going to do…” So after checking my Sprint account and confirming my statement, he sent me over to the front section of the store to wait for someone else to come help me.  Got the iPhone 5, Apple Care (+$99) and a new case. $300 later….

iphone 5 white - front, side and back view

iphone 5 white – front, side and back view (Photo credit: methodshop.com)

After buying the new phone they move me to a third table where they moved all my apps, photos, contacts, etc. onto the new phone.  Because of all the pictures I have of the Oz Monster, it took about 20 minutes, if not more.  I was able to keep the old broken, not so broken (only the screen is cracked), iPhone 4S.  The future hubby is in need of a new phone and I found online that you can buy a screen kit on Amazon for $12 – $50 depending on what you want to get and which iPhone you have.  I did not trust myself to get that whole thing figured out and secretly I was wanting an upgrade if I could. So I’m looking at kits and should be able to tell all you wonderful people how that turns out!

Until then!


Eventful, Yet Not So Much

So lots going on since last post. Unfortunately no new crafty post. I’ll have time for that once I’m all moved in with the future hubby and Christmas is over. It sounded like a good idea to move Dec 28th… I’m not sure when it sounded good, but it had to for me to agree to this, right? 🙂

Packing will commence soon, right after cleaning up the parents’ home for Christmas. I’ve become the pro of moving, unfortunately. The one thing I am the most worried about is Oz. We’ll be moving him shortly after his 1st birthday. He’s a smart cookie, but for some reason he’s terrified of the future hubby’s cat, Louie. Have done a few practice runs for Oz sleeping over with the kitty cat and at the apartment. Not too bad actually, he’ll eventually get more comfy with the situation. He mostly spent his time hovering right behind me, staring at the kitty cat, and panting out of nervousness. But the walks outside were a success, which is what I was most worried about since his current situation is a fenced in backyard. Good news about the apartment also is that we’ll also be moving into a larger unit, so there will be room for all four of us. It’s going to be a nut house, and I cannot wait! I mean how freaking cute is that dog?? I may be a little bit biased, but come on. 🙂

Oz Monster

Besides all the crazy life event changes, I’ve been shopping for presents and at the same time trying to save money for the down payment on this apartment. And after what I considered a very successful shopping day, my iPhone 4S plummet’s to it’s death (a whole foot from the ground) and the screen shattered. I may have had a child moment and started to panic. How sad is it that it almost felt like a friend died?? I’m so dependent on this phone, everybody is really. I am having a hard time understanding why they have this incredible technology, but they use fragile glass as the front screen. Can’t find anything stronger than that? Oh right, we have to be able to charge people $200 to fix it for them, because inevitably it will fall 6 inches from the ground and crack. Perfect.

Cracked iPhone 4s Screen

Cracked iPhone 4s Screen (Photo credit: Dave Dugdale)

So after I mostly calm down, Future Hubby drives me to the Apple Store. I talked to one of their smug “Geniuses” and was told that I’ll have to come back later in the week, after making an appointment. But most likely I won’t be able to until Wednesday. So on the drive home I use my shattered screen to make my appointment online, and they have 27 available appointments on Monday. Strange. Smug people… meh. So hopefully without a lot of rudeness they’ll be able to fix my phone. I would like to say that when I first called Sprint Customer Service to see if I had the Apple Insurance (which of course I did not), the lady on the phone was extremely nice and even after she couldn’t answer my question she went to Apple’s website to see if there was a way to check and see if one has the insurance. So point for Sprint, zero for Apple at the moment. But the game isn’t over and it may end in a tie depending on how tomorrow after work goes.

Wedding planning news! Got the engagement pictures in and plan on getting all the Save the Dates, Invitations, Caterer, Flowers and Cake underway after the New Year! 😀 Jury is still out on the Pinterest crafts.


So I am currently spending my lunch break looking at Apple’s website and I found where I can check my eligibility for an upgrade. According to Sprint and Apple, it would cost me $199 for an iPhone 5. And why would it cost me the same to change a piece of glass? Just curious… We’ll see what they actually say at the store this afternoon.

Crafting Failures from Pinterest

Since I am one of many girls planning a wedding in the time of Pinterest, I am of course going to want to try out one of these too good to be true crafts.  Currently, I am fascinated by the hollow balls of thread.

One of the many pins that caught my eye said, “DIY decorations… Wrap thread around a balloon spray with fabric stiffener and pop the balloon. Super cute!”  (Pinned picture below)  I figured that this would be something fun to have as decorations for the wedding.  And I’m obsessed with anemones and they would be precious, right?

DIY decorations... Wrap thread around a balloon spray with fabric stiffener and pop the balloon. Super cute!

So since I had some time to kill on this lovely Sunday afternoon, I had the fiance go with me to Michael’s and bought all the necessary supplies.  Bought a small spool of thread since this was a test, spent most of the time trying to find out where in the heck fabric stiffener would be. (with all the adhesives in case you were wondering!), and some balloons.


So the first step was to wrap the twine around the balloons.  It took me several tries to get this.  After a lot of knots and cursing, I finally got the thread to stay around the balloon.  Keep in mind that I did need a second pair of hands to help me with this one, so make sure there are some there to help you!

This was not easy

After spraying the balloon all over with the fabric stiffener, I let them sit and dry for a little over an hour.  The bottle said that if you want them to be extra firm (that’s what she said), that you could do another coat and let it dry for another hour.  So that’s what I did, which you can see them drying on some foil on the floor.

Next step was to pop the balloon once they dried.  I checked and from what I could tell, they were dry.  They might not have been dry considering the end result I got, but I figured letting them dry for 3 hours I was safe. (haha little did I know).  I also think that trying to get the balloon out of the twine might have ruined it a bit also.  I’ve already accepted the failure so I might have been a little less caring while removing the balloon. 😉  

So I guess that what I have learned from this new experience is that I need to find something other than fabric stiffener. I have seen on other pins that if you could use some other form of glue.  And possibly a thinner thread?

Well I’m not going to give up on trying these out! Holiday crafts are showing up all over the place and I know I will want to try it out! (Plus I will be moving into the apartment with the fiance soon-ish, and that means I can take over with decorations and crafty crafts! MUAHAHAHA)

Be on the lookout for another rant sometime this week.  🙂

Until then!

Top Pet Peeves

You will quickly come to realize that I love to rant.  It’s a great way to get rid of stress and to work through problems.  It is also a great way to point out how dumb others are.  Today’s top pet peeve is… (drum roll please)…. Facebook posts!!

Now I know that we all like to share our opinions with people and the most convenient place to do that is on Facebook. Since tonight is actually election night, I am getting way more opinions than I have ever asked for.  You know that saying “Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one and most of them stink!”? Cannot be more true when you look at Facebook.  Now I’m not going to go through and complain about all the repetitive anti-whoever posts that have been taking over my news-feed, and I’m not about to even begin talking politics on this thing.  I am no expert, nor do I pretend to be one.  If I was motivated enough to get more educated like some of my friends then maybe I’d be more assertive and vocal.  I kind of like to let the dumb posts speak for themselves anyway.

Instead I’m going to go over the topic of quoting about historic events that have been skewed by pop culture.  Perfect example of this would be Guy Fawkes Day (November 5th) and V for Vendetta.  When I realized that it was in fact November 5th, 2012 I did have a small thought to myself that it was that day and there was a movie that referenced it (but was not about the actual event that is remembered).

Now I don’t want to be one of those hipsters that claims to be aware of some trending topic years before anyone else even knew about it, but in this instance I’m going to be.  I’m only allowing this because of my father, the extreme Beatles fan.  From the moment I was brought home from the hospital to this day, I have been listening to the Beatles thanks to him.  This will also include any solo music created after the Beatles split (Ringo, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, and John Lennon). There is the song “Remember” by John Lennon that came out in 1970.

My dad used to quote it all the time, since the end actually says “Remember Remember the 5th of November” and then ends with an explosion.  I wasn’t aware of anything more than it being a part of this song.  I only knew more once I went out and looked it up on this wonderful invention called the internet.

Now moving on to my pet peeve that I keep talking about.  I can not tell you how many people were quoting this rhyme and somehow linking it to the election or just quoting the movie afterwards.  We get it, you got so excited that you just had to go straight to Google and search for the entire rhyme, or even went to imdb.com and copied it from the quotes section.  That movie came out almost 7 years ago.  We all know the rhyme by now.  Either understand the actual historical event or leave it alone.  It’s passed, and there are plenty of other good movies out there to beat to the ground.  I took some screen shots of my favorite ones from yesterday, that I just feel the need to share in the ridiculousness.

I think they speak for themselves, don’t you? Well I have got to go to bed, got to work in the morning so I can pay my loans and pay off my car like all good little young professionals do. ::gag::

Until then!

Not Another One

Well alright, let’s try this blog thing… again.

This will be my third attempt at blogging (and that’s not even counting hand-written diaries).  I figured that I should upgrade from the Xanga‘s and LiveJournals to this new one!  We will just have to see how often I can actually will myself to update this and actually keep it interesting.  Challenge excepted.

I am torn between updating about life-drama and my cynical thoughts on the crazy events, the joys of wedding planning, how fun it is to raise an Australian Shepherd, or working in the super exciting, adrenaline-pumping field of accounting.  Guess I should get somethings out in the open so you know what you’re getting yourselves into:

  • I will admit that I am slightly addicted to all the reality shows on Bravo.  I’m not proud but I can’t help it, their drama is addicting and it makes me feel like my life is so much better because it is not nearly as complicated.
  • I’m obsessed with my dog.  I will constantly shove pictures of my dog in everybody’s face.
  • I am motivated to not do anything.
  • I’m extremely competitive.  I can’t help if it I always win and now I’m just so used to it that there’s no other option but winning.

This is the Oz.

Well I’m not going to give it all away in the first post, so stay tuned! 🙂